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We are small dynamic law firm dedicated to providing quality and
individualized legal services.  We offer legal services in the areas of criminal
and DUI defense, wills, trusts and estate planning, and business law
(including forming limited liability companies and corporations).  Our
commitment to quality services means your matter will be handled by
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Criminal Defense
The sad reality is that the government criminalizes more and more activities
and the punishment for criminal charges gets more severe.  Inadvertent or
minor actions now have dire consequences and can result in loss of your
freedom.  Our firm understands Arizona's harsh criminal laws and
aggressively fights for your rights to achieve the best result possible.

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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning
This area of our web site discusses wills (and why everyone should have
one), various types of trusts like living trusts, and how trusts are used.  In
addition to discussions about wills and trusts, you will find information
related to advance directives (living wills) and health care and financial
powers of attorney.  If you would like to know more about estate taxes and
learn more about some of the myths surrounding the estate tax, you will
definitely want to visit this section of the web site.

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Attorneys and Counselors at Law
DUI Defense
There were almost 3000 DUI arrests in a one week period during the
2006-2007 holiday season.  Every week police make hundreds more  DUI
arrests.  If you are one of the many people accused of a DUI, don't allow
prosecutors to trample your constitutional rights.  Call or email us today to
protect your rights and your freedom.

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Limited Liability Company and Corporation Formation
Starting a new business is an exhilarating and often scary experience.  
Unfortunately, most people jump into this process without understanding
the tax and legal issues involved.  Many people consult with us after
problems arise.  The real travesty is that almost all of thee problems could
have been avoided with planning in the initial stages of formation.  The
costs of professional advice in the early stages are small, but the costs of
improper planning or initial formation can run into the several thousands
and often result in business failure.  

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Buying or Selling a Business
Are you ready to buy a business?  This is usually the biggest single
purchase people make in their lifetime!  There are many pitfalls that proper
planning can prevent.  Similarly, when you sell your business you will likely
be selling one of your biggest, if not your biggest, asset.  You owe it to
yourself and those who depend on you to protect yourself when buying or
selling a business.

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Business Law and Commercial Law Services
Many legal issues arise in business, whether it is entering into a contract
with a supplier or vendor, leasing space for your business or buying
property for your business.

This link contains valuable information related to legal business issues.  
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