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We are a dynamic law firm dedicated to providing excellent and individualized legal services for criminal defense.  We are committed to providing quality services and strive to do our very best for each and every client.  Hard work and personal attention are the cornerstone beliefs in our firm.

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has spent her entire legal career defending people’s rights and freedoms. She graduated cum laude with her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in 1992.  In 1995 she graduated from Arizona State University School of Law.  Immediately after graduating from law school, Ms. Willmott joined the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office. By 2001, Ms. Willmott was supervising and training newer trial attorneys.

Ms. Willmott entered private practice in 2006 by joining Willmott & Associates, PLC.  As a trial attorney, Ms. Willmott has defended thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanor DUI charges to homicides, including the specialty work of death penalty cases. She has successfully tried and won serious felony charges including, homicide, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault, kidnapping, auto theft, forgery, and drug possession.  In addition to her criminal defense practice, Ms. Willmott has taught hundreds of attorneys the skills needed to succeed in trial.  Many of the attorneys she has instructed are now well respected practicing attorneys and judges.

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Arizona State Bar
  • Member of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • Member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Former Faculty Member of the APDA Annual Seminar
  • Former Faculty Member of MCPD Trial College

Criminal Defense

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Sometimes there are windows of opportunity to prevent charges from being filed. Police may make the arrest, but it is the prosecutor who decides whether to file the charges. Often times further investigation is needed before the prosecutor can file charges against you. It is during this time that we contact the prosecutor and negotiate in an attempt to prevent them from filing charges. In certain circumstances, we also contact the investigating police department to advise them that you are represented by counsel. That means no interviews unless counsel is present. If you think you are being targeted as a suspect in a crime, contact our office as soon as possible for a consultation.


Ms. Willmott is a skilled criminal trial attorney. Her experience and knowledge in handling numerous jury trials will be to your benefit to protect your constitutional rights and prevent the government from trampling on those rights.


Sentencing laws in Arizona are extremely harsh. We will work to negotiate your charges into reduced charges and reduced penalties. Most criminal cases are unique. Many different factors affect the ultimate outcome. The ability to achieve reduced charges and/or penalties will depend on the set of variables for your own individualized case. What’s important to us is to make sure we understand what makes your case unique and distinct. Having that understanding is what helps us to negotiate the best possible outcome we can achieve for you.


It is important for us to understand you! The more we know about you the better we can present mitigation on your behalf. Mitigation is not an excuse for criminal behavior, but it is an explanation to help the court understand the difficulties and stumbling blocks you may have faced in your life. If you are convicted by jury or by way of a plea agreement, we will use mitigation and work hard to persuade the court for more lenient and appropriate punishment.


We will file any appropriate motion in an effort to fight your case and whittle down the government’s case against you. Factors such as a lack of probable cause to arrest you, unlawful search and seizure, involuntary confession, and illegal arrest, would all be litigated prior to the start of trial. If successful, pre-trial litigation can result in the entire case being dismissed or incriminating evidence being prohibited.

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